Our dead line is 2019

ingIt was requested by Jesus, – Earth’s Minister of cosmic community – several extremely high spiritually expression spirits are coming towards Earth, and some are about to reincarnate to bring their acquired advancement and technology which are used in other Worlds to promote development in mankind.

One of the first areas to be focus on is health. They are going to develop synthetic organs, with no rejection risk, putting an end, once for all, to those who suffer in a need of a transplantation. The presence of these enlighten spirits will bring a new progress wave, a fast development in all human areas and according to the necessary harmony for planet’s ascension onto other planets’ scale.

The same will happen in Brazil, especially about politics. Spirits which have been spiritually prepared are already reincarnated – among them, Emmanuel, Chico Xavier’s spiritual mentor – and will greatly influence in cultural and political Brazil’s transformation. Such change will be intensely great so that will unbelievably sound over international community after seeing how much Brazil has socially progressed, which might be intensified by the 2040’s.

So many other spirits, form high hierarchy, are mobilizing in other places on Earth, helping several countries to cope with their own problems and, also with other conflicts among nations. Perhaps, the higher spirituality has never worked so hard to favor mankind in real and effective changing.

However, the same way the good higher forces are organizing and doing things themselves, so are the dark ones. Spirits with great knowledge and intelligence, but whose hearts are cold by aloofness of doing good, are assembling battalions putting too much pressure and domain over certain regions of the planet.

The development of these dark forces is so big, that they managed to master the reincarnation technique and, in some parts of the globe, especially in Middle East, their influence is so strong that they can get low underdeveloped spirits reincarnated to fulfill their own desires.

In such places, the darkness presence is very frequent promoting a kind of an Umbral’s Uplifting, where living people practically walk among disturbed and disturbing spirits which are located at the lowest spiritual’s spheres. The dividing barrier which separates flesh sphere to low spirits sphere is much weaker than any other place on Earth.

This dark thickness hardens the enlightened spirits to work for the good. The environment itself becomes unfavorable to their manifestations, which favors even more the dark forces domain. In these places, the most effective way of assistance is the high spirits’ reincarnation, being a way too difficult task itself.

It was exactly what happened to Euripedes Barsanulfo, who was allowed from The High Spirituality, the reincarnation task among the miserable and suffering ones from conflicted regions, in order to bring some more love and, who knows, warm some hearts?

But, what’s this mobilization for? Why are extremely high spiritually expression spirits coming – nobody knows what part of the Universe they come from, which does not mean it’s not a kind of a sacrifice – to help us to evolve and also why did so enlightened souls as Euripedes Barsanulfo, have to make some serious sacrifices at this point of mankind history?

As it was said previously, by Chico Xavier in the 1970’s, in a meeting with important cosmic spirits, responsible for our solar system, as well as Jesus, Earth’s spiritual representative, reasoned a 50 year deadline, counting down from Man’s first arrival at the Moon in July 1969 requesting mankind to learn, as a whole, how to live without destruction. If this was possible, mankind would start a whole new era of progress and extreme fast paced development. But if they failed, if the nations would go on war, especially nuclear ones, then we’d have a regression never seen before.

The current moment we’re living is red light. Inferior spirits are assembling at the lower spheres and heading towards Europe – as happened on World War II – influencing the collective mind, and every day a new war is getting even more likely to happen.

The kind spirituality attempts to protect people whose influence might be positive, as Dalai Lama and Pope Francisco, good spirits with great persuasion capable of changing the path and several people’s mind. People who came to Earth to spread love, kindness and charity, unlike so many religious leaders who plant the seed of rage on people’s heart will fall.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been seen as really concerning by the spirituality, because there are many other countries and interests. Fight for power, land, economic control, can involve countries like China, India, Korea (Northern and Southern), The United States to unleash a new headquarter of power capable of taking our world to an era of deep shadows. This time our war power is way deadlier than the first two Wars.

A war of huge proportions would inevitably use nuclear weapons, nowadays thousand times more destructive than form those which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Resources not consumed during war, which would be quick due to its destructive power, would be consumed in attempts to restructure the countries. The spirituality’s fear is that these weapons can unleash a Nuclear Winter, capable of affecting the whole world, annihilating most parts of animals and vegetables species, transforming the planet in a huge frozen desert

If such catastrophe happened, Earth wouldn’t ascend in the World’s scale, wouldn’t change itself in a Regeneration World… but other way around, it’d come back to Primitive World status. What’s left of incarnated mankind would probably come back to the first civilization’s stages.

All of this information sounds apocalyptical and fictional. But the spirits assure that is a plausible future, which risk is eminent. Because of that spirituality has been mobilizing so many souls to extinguish rage, nurturing love. But what can we do?

From these last few years to 2019, we must apply ourselves to develop ourselves. Religious are being called to play a role even more present, whatever the area is, in any religion, in the human being transformation and themselves. We must, more than never, make efforts to improve, transform and change ourselves for the good. And pray.

High expression spirits have requested us to save a few minutes of our day, from our daily prayers, from our home Gospel (Evangelho) cult, to pray for World peace and the hardened spirits can be helped by the kind spirituality, because all good thought for the Earth make the spiritual sphere of the become better, even more likely to good spiritual influences. We should not underestimate the power of thoughts and especially the power of positive thought and the good.

We must not fear. We must work faithfully and determinedly while we don’t meet our deadline. We must support spirituality with our prayer, attitudes, and if possible, spread this message, in order more people to become aware of the severity of our so short period we are facing.

Do have hope that these years shall pass without any of these predictions. May no war occur. May good can beat evil. May those hardened spirits accept assistance, and for those who may not, so be taken away from Earth and led to suitable worlds to their spiritual progress and all anguish become a glimpse about the happiness and peace eon which awaits them, if we can resist it.

Spirit: Father Cipriano das Almas
Medium: Adão Netto
Text: Leonardo Montes
House of Charity Brethren of Light – Uberaba, MG
Translator: Elton Almeida

Ao longo dos anos, percebemos que responder aos contraditores, quase sempre munidos de paixão pessoal, nos custava tempo e energia que poderiam ser aplicados em algo mais útil. Por essa razão, não respondemos ataques. Ofensas serão deletadas.

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